The Importance Of Dry Soil Removal In Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning has a number of important steps that should be followed. You need to apply a prespray and allow it to dwell, you need to extract it with a neutralizing rinse and you need to post groom it among other things. One step that is often overlooked is dry soil removal. Read this article and learn about the importance of dry soil removal.

Soil removal is perhaps the most important step in the carpet cleaning process. It is estimated that almost eighty percent of the soil in a carpet is dry soil. This soil can easily be removed when it is in the dry state by performing a thorough vacuuming. But what happens if you skip this step and move straight to pre spraying the carpet like so many carpet cleaners do. What happens is this dry soil gets wet and turns into a sticky mud. It is much harder to clean mud out of a carpet than dry soil. So when you skip the vacuuming you make the job of cleaning the carpet much much harder and the results will suffer. So instead of skipping it be sure to do a thorough vacuuming. By thorough I mean that you must use a quality vacuum and vacuum the carpet in several different directions. Do not rush through the process. Take your time and move slowly. Remember that the vacuum is most effective on the backward stroke so be sure to expose all of the carpet to the back stroke instead of using the traditional and ineffective W pattern.

Carpet cleaning is simple if you just follow all of the proper steps. So if you are a carpet cleaner be sure and pre vacuum and if you are having your carpets professionally cleaned be sure that they vacuum or do it yourself before hand.

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