Content vs. Context

If you’re a marketer, you need to know the importance of these two terms.

When you deliver something, you pay for the delivery of content, it is what is contained, such as the contents of the box, theme or theme described in the book or document. Something that needs to be expressed through a medium, such as speech, writing or any attributes or concepts that are part of a given design; essence or subject matter of knowledge.

Context is a set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation and give meaning to something else. It shapes content.

The same content may have a different meaning if you put it in a different context.

Like I said, you provide content, but people see the context.

Many people pay attention to content just because they hear that content is king, but as I said, context is always more important than content. Context is the first influence that customers get from your product, it helps you sell and sometimes yourself. Context is the container in which the form is stored, and people are drawn to it.

Remember that you sell a beautiful pink box, people often don’t care what’s in it. If they like it and they want this cute pink box, they’ll buy it.

I’ve seen people use this strategy, sell context rather than content, and they’ve always had good results – by the way, some of these products (content) were crap and it’s not good because ‘they’re in danger’ and you know why – every marketer should remember that.

I’ll be clear. When you send an email, people don’t see that it (content) is in it, they only see the theme (context), they have to have access to the content, or they won’t open it.
The same goes for commercial letters (context), if your commercial email attracts the attention of customers and they like it, you have a high percentage of your product sales (content).

Context says it expresses what content is, even if context sometimes has much more quality than content.

You sell context even if you get paid for the content you provide. Customers want your information to be shaped and packaged with all your knowledge and experience in mind.

I hope now you understand why I say context is important.

Many marketers know this and apply it.

If you’ve heard that content is king, it’s because someone said so, and the ball spins.

Don’t get confused and try to understand what I’m trying to explain. I know it’s not easy, but if you read this article carefully, I think you’ll understand.

You should know that in this world of marketing context is everything. Works in all types of markets. Remember this if you want to succeed.

Copyright © 2006 by P.V. Raymond.

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