The integrated heater provides even, smooth heat, similar to a heating pad, and the removable cover is machine washable. Feeding wet food helps with their water intake, but we wanted a more attractive way for our cats to drink water. When it comes to materials, most veterinarians and cat experts will tell you to use stainless steel or glass bowls for your pet’s food and water.

It should be safe and sturdy, with plenty of ventilation and easy access so you can get your kitten in and out. It has a rigid exterior and contains a removable mesh door, so it can be used as a carrier or sleeper. A cardboard box doesn’t give enough access to the air, and a frightened cat can probably make its way through it. A plastic carrier with a front locking door must be sturdy enough and also provide the right amount of accessibility.

As with anything to do with your cat, also consult your veterinarian about food. You’ll need one litter box per cat, plus an extra, he says. You’ll also need at least one per floor of your home, and they should be separate, not side by side. I tried to give them dinner the night before, and I even had to resort to the spray bottle on particularly grumpy mornings. This timed food bowl we tried and loved could be the answer to your sleep-poor prayers.

A modern mid-century two-piece lounge/scratching post for those whose two greatest loves are their cat and their d├ęcor. This is one of the first things I bought after adopting my twins Salty and Clementine and I’m SO glad I did. They immediately took it with them and not only use it as a scratching post and a people-watching pendant, but they also sleep on it and chase each other up and down. This matching friendship necklace and bracelet set allows a cat owner to display their BFF status. If you’re not sure if the cat lover has used feeding toys before in your life, this option might be your best option. Latifi likes to have “a really big food hole”, which is easier for cats new to toy food to discover before moving on to more complicated toys.

Cats live happy, fulfilling lives indoors and avoid the life-threatening diseases and dangers that lurk outside. Feral cats roam around because they need food, water and shelter and if they are not spayed or neutered, they always feel the need to mate. Providing your cat with a variety of toys that you change regularly can help keep them happy. Schedule cuddles for at least minutes and play with your kitten twice a day.

These can also be as simple or as extravagant as your pocket allows, but start with a simple plastic litter box for now properly placed for your cat. Many cats will happily fall asleep everywhere, but a cat bed is a favorite place to nap. The bed should be warm and soft and should be in a place where your kitten feels comfortable and safe. The cloth catches the kitten’s rose, and the cover is washable. Or maybe you want an EZ sill: EZ window attachment that attaches to the window so your cat can see the outside world while relaxing.

This medicinal Seresto collar kills and repels fleas and ticks for up to eight months, a huge relief if you’re used to combing larvae from your kitten’s fur. Your veterinarian can evaluate your new cat or kitten and determine the best diet. Factors such as age, activity level and health make the difference in what and how much a cat should eat. If you’ve never had a cat before, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a new pet.

Damage will happen no matter what you do to prevent it, so make sure you’re willing to store valuables and provide scratch sticks and other toys for your cat. Many kitten supplies are similar to those needed for an adult cat. However, you want to be sure that all Enclosed litter box food, toys, bedding and health care supplies are suitable for kittens in nutritional value, size and dosage. Of course, your kitten will also need bowls of food and water. Flea control is important regardless of whether a cat is alone inside or going outside.

Cute “munchie” shapes are cute Instagrammable coupled with a loopy cat that indulges in a little “nip.” For just $10 for 36 mice, it’s easy to have a few extras for when your cat inevitably loses a few under the couch or behind the fridge. The American Association of Food Control Officers recommends choosing a food that is appropriate for your cat’s life stage. For example, a kitten needs different nutrients than an adult cat. Be sure to research potential options before you buy; visit the websites of food manufacturers for the information you need.