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These white spots are generally found around the perimeter from which the support was attached to the tooth. This is an area where the plaque builds up, and without Zahnarzt Z├╝rich a diligent oral care regimen, part of it can be left by brushing. Orthodontic cables make it difficult for teeth to access, even for patients trying their best.

Insufficient oral hygiene and lack of dental checks can cause yellow teeth after braces, white stains and even tooth decay on dental surfaces. Daily thread – As part of your dental hygiene routine, make sure to floss and brush your teeth regularly to ensure maximum oral care. Flossing helps remove food particles and plaque from teeth and braces, and ideally before brushing. You can use regular dental threads or special products that are friendly to the orthodontist devices recommended by your orthodontist. White spots on teeth are one of the most common side effects of plaque build-up during orthodontic treatment.

Professional cleaning and oral health assessments reveal and can address color or dental caries. Brakes prepare you for longer-lasting straight and healthier teeth, but without proper care they can also leave lasting damage. The most visible are white spots, a common side effect of braces that is often only discovered after removal. These spots can be permanent if left untreated, but there are ways to minimize damage to your smile. As long as proper oral hygiene is practiced, the stains will not get bigger.

Consider whitening the rest of the tooth to the color of the white spot instead of removing the white spot. If you take off your braces, wait 6 months and your teeth are still discolored, teeth whitening is the best option. Make sure to visit your dentist for a cleaning before starting bleaching. You can use whitening, over-the-counter products or office treatments with your dentist orthodontist. With the busy nature of our lives, it is almost impossible to avoid having to change or cancel an orthodontic or dental appointment.

The acid in food erodes the enamel that exposes yellow dentin underneath. Patients often ask if they are likely to see spots on their teeth after their brakes have been removed. The short answer is no if you follow good oral hygiene and nutrition. Plaque and non-tooth-cleaned foods can cause permanent and unsightly stains on teeth. The minerals in your teeth are worn during your ARCH orthodontic treatment. What you see is actually an optical illusion because of the mineral loss in your teeth behind the enamel.