Are You Managing the Business of Your Life Successfully?

If you are in a business relationship, whether it is an employee or a business owner, you have met at least one boss/manager in the past who has inspired you on some level. When you think about this person and his influence on the success of the business, it is good to take some of his qualities out of the business context and apply them in his personal life. Here’s how:

1.) Dream big. Anyone who does business usually has a vision that goes beyond what others think is possible. Apply this philosophy to your life and you will be far ahead. Most people do not have the courage to think big. You have to dream about many things, be inspired and, most importantly, make those dreams come true. In a business environment, this often requires the commitment of the whole team. In your life, you need to motivate only one person: you. It can’t be that hard, can it?

2.) Get out of your comfort zone. You know those team building exercises where teams train in the wild and are asked to perform tasks they usually never perform, such as rock climbing, rope jumping, etc. during these exercises, teams (including their leaders) are deliberately pushed out of their comfort zone. Learn a lesson and apply it to your personal goals. If you constantly set goals “comfortably in my comfort zone,” you will have a life “comfortable, in my comfort zone.” Are you sure this doesn’t match your mission’s “big dream”? Get out of your comfort zone, let yourself get lost and be clumsy and know that you are growing. Admit it, even shame is better than mediocrity. Shame can be fun if it serves as a springboard for your great achievements.

3.) Stand up for what you believe. All great leaders not only dream of the big and push the boundaries of their comfort zone, but also defend what they believe. Do you stand up for what you believe in your life? Are you fighting for your goals as if you were fighting for life itself? How many compromises do you make every day and immediately regret it? Do you clearly convey to others the importance of your goals? Ask yourself these questions whenever you feel like you’re lost.

There are many other principles that you probably successfully apply in your professional life, but forget in your personal life. Remember this the next time you are promoted or appreciated. At your disposal all the tools, use them wisely.

Natalie Ekberg is an international writer, personal and executive coach. It guides business professionals through important life changes, including decisions in the middle of their careers. As a result, they let go of struggle and stress, gaining the clarity and courage necessary to realize their vision.

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