5 Ways To Be A Great Cat Parent

I bought more expensive cat food in tuna or salmon flavors instead of chicken or turkey. When I got my second cat, Phoenix, I thought my furry friends were lucky enough to eat so well. There is a lot to learn for your new cat to learn at home, and another important aspect of this is the animals and people who live or visit your home.

Many health problems can be easily prevented by adding a daily meal of wet food to your cat’s diet. They will spend hours licking their body and cleaning their hindquarters, especially after eating and after leaving the litter box. You can help by brushing your cat’s coat regularly, which reduces the development of hairballs and shedding in your home. A big decision for cat owners is whether to let their furry cat walk outside or turn it exclusively into an indoor cat. Much has been written about both sides of this argument. It’s true that indoor and outdoor cats encounter many risk factors that pure indoor cats don’t have; predators, cars, poison.

While your litter boxes are outside the area, this is a good time to completely empty all the remaining garbage and fill the empty boxes with ökocat. Ökocat is the perfect choice if you are looking for a cleaner and healthier cat litter for your home. It can take up to 7 weeks with regular collection, so you don’t have to clean deeply as often. Giving your cat’s litter box a thorough cleaning isn’t always fun, but you’ll feel much better when you’re done.

Also, make sure your litter box is the right size for your cat. Narrow litter boxes quickly get dirty, resulting in a smelly house and an unhappy cat. Oversized litter boxes can make your cat look elsewhere for the bathroom. Do you want to give your cat a taste of human cuisine? Make sure what you share is safe and contains no toxic or unhealthy ingredients. Here is the ASPCA’s list of human foods that are safe and unsafe for cats.

When you first take them home, it’s a good idea to place them in a smaller room or space decorated exclusively for them. Fill that space with food bowls and water with the food they ate before. Bring a blanket or toy that smells like where they just came from: the shelter, the outside, or the mom-cat. Allen advises paying close attention to the health of cats and informing customers if something doesn’t seem right.

Buy plenty of toys for your cat to play with, including interactive toys for when you’re not around. While there is no official “starter kit” for the first cat owner, you can plan some basics. You need to take care of food and water bowls, a Litter genie alternative collar and an identification tag, a care brush (especially for long-haired breeds). Then I read Fast Food Nation and became wise about the truth behind most mass-produced meats. I changed my own diet and also tried to change the Bubba diet.