Top 25 Live Auction Package Ideas And Inspiration

If you’re going to include a tour of the winery in your silent auction, be sure to include a bottle of wine in the package. By doing so, you’ll give the winner the chance to enjoy the wine on the night of your event, which will be a prelude to what they’ll experience when they embark on their future tour. If you want to go a step further, ask the winery to prepare a silent auction basket with things like cheeses that go well with their vintages.

Combine them with other items to make the basket stand out and attract more bidders. However, especially valuable bottles can usually take care of themselves to bid. Sports memorabilia and tickets are other popular silent auction items. While more women are buying items at silent auctions, men are rushing to bid when an item catches their attention.

Below are some creative raffle ideas, tips and gift basket ideas from lotteries or silent auctions. Of course, it takes a lot to organize a successful silent auction event. In addition to the items your followers take home, the charity auction software you use is the true backbone of your event.

And while all pets are cute in their own way, even the most loving pet parent knows that the tenderness of their animal companion doesn’t always mean they’re clean. A scent-breaking candle or carpet stain remover helps keep the harmony between pets and people in the home intact. Before you start with ideas, you need a way to collect your auction donations.

Chic (or not so fancy) auction nights are also a classic fundraiser idea for schools! However, creating live auction packages for school and family events requires the items to have a broader or more child-friendly appeal than many traditional auction packages typically have. If you want to continue bidding throughout the night, you should consider fashion items when selecting auction items.

To get you started, here are two different themes you can use for your baseball-inspired silent auction baskets, along with items you can include to make it as appealing as possible. However, the current silent auction baskets do not always use a real basket as part of the auction item. So you can use your imagination when it comes to how you want to display your items. Education-related silent auction items are ideal for school auctions ranging from Pre-K to college.

For starters, a silent auction requires people to submit their bids in secret, while a live event requires people to bid on items in front of all participants. In addition, silent auctions are generally more inclusive, as they engage live and online bidders, although some live events allow bids from virtual participants. Of course, it always depends on your audience, but we’ve compiled a list of 30 silent auction items, including 15 social distancing options. All silent auction items, even if they’re usually not something you can buy, have a dollar value attached to them. A magician’s basket works well for quiet school auctions or events that attract adults with children. Ask local magic shops for donations of gift cards or items in exchange for advertising to complete the basket.

From physical items to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you’ll want to gather a diverse selection of auction items to attract all your donors. People love sports and these auction ideas are especially popular if your local or regional professional teams are doing well or have a large following. Here are some of the most popular sports-related silent auction items that tend to generate notable bids.

While these are cheaper items, offering them gives all bidders the opportunity to contribute to their goal. You can even group them together or with any of the ideas from previous free silent auction items to create a more attractive auction package. While individual gift cards to local restaurants and businesses are great, they can only attract a few people to the event.

“Date night” packages are perhaps the most popular and most used basket in silent auctions. You can also skip the movies and record a fun activity such as go-karting, climbing, or bike Silent Auction Package Ideas rental for beach cruises. If you purchased items for your silent auction baskets, set the minimum bid that is closer to the amount you bought the item for to avoid losing money.