Here Are 5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Switch From Android To An IPhone 14

In addition, androids receive viruses and bloatware. Expandable storage can be a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing, because you can’t install apps on the SD unless you root your droid. Also, many low-end phones nowadays rely on SD for more storage. It’s one of the things that bothers me about low-end droids, because you depend on the SD card. One of the things I also notice about the app stores on both phones is that Google’s play store is full of more rogue apps, bloatware, virus-carrying apps, and shitty games.

It may sound far-fetched on paper, but it’s useful in the long run. Here’s another privacy trick on iPhone. Many malicious apps like to sniff around in what you’re doing on your phone. One tactic they use is to monitor and capture the information you copy and paste through your device’s clipboard. IOS 14 offers a notification that appears when you paste something through your clipboard.

AirDrop is another useful tool for iPhone and Mac users. With AirDrop, you can easily share files from iPhone to Mac or vice versa in a matter of seconds. Apple uses an internal A-series chipset to power iPhones. The vertical integration between hardware and software allows the company to offer more than five years of software updates.

As for me, after four years with an Android phone, I went back to iOS last month, removed the SIM card from my Samsung Galaxy S5 and put it in a new iPhone 6S. I liked my Android phone, but the smartphone experience is a matter of detail, and diving into today’s iPhone makes me realize what a great job Apple has done. Android, on the other hand, allows for a certain amount of customization.

But do you know that the world’s best-selling Android device still comes with a microSD card slot? It is a practical and cheaper way to expand the storage on the device. I understand the current trend with cloud storage services, but there’s nothing like the convenience of beating a 256GB memory card for storing and moving media files on the go.

I also forgot to mention that Samsung makes iPhone screens and used OLED technology first. Samsung devices also have a 120mhz refresh rate compared to the 60mhz that Apple highlights. I like the article, but we need to make sure that these elements are noted. Also, don’t forget the fingerprint reader under the screen. OLED is considered superior compared to IPS LCD. One of the reasons for this is energy efficiency.

Users can download launchers like Nova Launcher on their Android phones. Android users can also root their phones to add customization freedom. However, rooting carries the risk of disrupting the system. Storage used to be an iPhone kabel issue for the iPhone and this is because iPhones don’t come with micro SD card space, unlike Android phones. However, the iPhone 11 Pro came with 512GB of internal memory, which is considered sufficient for any mobile phone.

When you have a dedicated back button, you know how it will behave each time. Android phones made by many different companies have always been at the pinnacle of innovation. Reverse wireless charging: iPhones can’t do this yet. You would buy a Samsung phone through an iPhone every day after seeing the above specs. I think the hardware and features category really amplifies the Android vs Apple debate. Pair your Android phone (in my case, a Samsung Galaxy S10+) with a Google Home and you have a tightly integrated Android system of genius.

It seems to me that Apple has the best app store and it’s generally a very simple experience. I have been using smartphones for almost ten years now and have had exactly 1 Symbian, 4 Androids and 2 iPhones. I’ve always wanted to buy an iPhone since I saw the first iPhone ad in 2007. But iPhones were something most people could only dream of, at least in India.

The gesture system on iOS is beautiful. I tried to use the iOS 13 launcher on my Galaxy S9+, I quickly removed it. I love my galaxy s9plus, a hassle-free phone. He is a fully remote software engineer by day and a guitar musician by night with a burning passion for technology, entrepreneurship and music.