Tungsten or Titanium – Which Is the Better Choice?

About ten years ago, if you say something such as titanium or a tungsten wedding band, people would merely look at you with a very blank expression.

Though this still may be true until now, a large percentage of the human population has been informed on the reason why these types of rings are rather practical to possess as wedding ring. Both tungsten and titanium are regarded as “model metals” in the jewelry business simply because they were not available to the consumer market as commodities right up until ten years ago. They have accumulated remarkable popularity since the introduction and have turn into an essential part of the jewelry material spectrum.

Tungsten and titanium are both extremely tough. These kinds of rings are not created from just the primary metal, but from its alloys. Tungsten alloys are generally tougher compared to the alloys of titanium, though it would probably take scratching from diamonds to be able to damage either of the two. Titanium is actually more ductile compared to tungsten in the common alloys used in jewelry. In other words, whenever a wedding band is under high strain, such as getting hit by a car door, a titanium ring would likely bend out-of-round while a tungsten carbide band would fracture into numerous pieces.

Titanium jewelry is actually first discovered at the end of the 18th century. It is as strong as steel, yet it feels just like aluminum due to its light weight features. Additionally, titanium hold up to wear and tear pretty good. Titanium bands are really safe to wear for virtually anyone, however, Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Wire rings may possess some cobalt inlayed in its alloy, and also a small segment of men and women may be allergic to this. Titanium bands, on the other hand, are very unreactive, making it an excellent choice for individuals allergic to the majority of metals. It is actually used for numerous surgical tools as it is 100% hypoallergenic.

Titanium rings are usually lighter in weight compared to tungsten rings simply because they possess a lower density. Titanium alloys are over 40% lighter than stainless steel alloys while tungsten is over 90% heavier than stainless steel. Furthermore, titanium wedding rings can have various shades and patterns while tungsten rings are generally found only in black.This is because titanium reacts with various chemical substances and produces alloys of different colors. Jewelry manufacturers use anodization to coat colored designs on titanium bands. Black titanium is yet another form of titanium alloy which has a different shade than the frequently used grayish color. On the other hand, tungsten carbide is usually offered in black color only.

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